Flat Bottom Craft Wok available in the United States

We are pleased to announce the new product:

14 inch Flat Bottom Craft Wok

This kind of woks makes it possible to use carbon steel wok on any electric stove with flat surface.


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    Boris, in Europe we expect it to be available in November-December.

  • Boris

    When will this model be available for purchase in Europe? Thanks


    Yes, due to the hammering process, the bottom may have some imperfections at the shape in the middle of the flat part. However, it does not affect the cooking process and still enables the use of this wok on flat surfaces.

  • Vernon Jackson

    I just received a flat bottom craft wok that isn’t flat bottom. It’s got a upward bubble in the center of it. About 3” in diameter. Everything else looks good.


    Alan, £40+

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