Flat Bottom Craft Wok available in the United States

We are pleased to announce the new product:

14 inch Flat Bottom Craft Wok

This kind of woks makes it possible to use carbon steel wok on any electric stove with flat surface.



  • Doris M

    I bought mine from AMAZON however it turn som area and some dark and some blue. Question did I do it correctly??? Help


    Dear Julie,
    To season the wok on a glass stovetop (or any other electric stovetop), you need to tilt and turn the wok during heating to heat all the sides and surface of the wok evenly. The other option is to season the wok in the oven (unscrew handle first), and also it may be seasoned with a handheld blow torch.

  • Julie

    I bought this wok to use on my glass top stove. I followed the instructions for seasoning exactly. The pan never changed color completely even though I left it heating for more than an hour. In fact a blue layer peeled off. This was an expensive wok and I am disappointed.

  • Ken Moser

    Just got my wok, flat bottom.
    Love it!!

  • Betty Garner

    My husband has been wanting one. Does anyone know which is best?I like the deeper pans anyway?Does anyone have any suggestions?

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