Flat Bottom Craft Wok available in the United States

We are pleased to announce the new product:

14 inch Flat Bottom Craft Wok

This kind of woks makes it possible to use carbon steel wok on any electric stove with flat surface.



  • Julie

    I bought this wok to use on my glass top stove. I followed the instructions for seasoning exactly. The pan never changed color completely even though I left it heating for more than an hour. In fact a blue layer peeled off. This was an expensive wok and I am disappointed.

  • Ken Moser

    Just got my wok, flat bottom.
    Love it!!

  • Betty Garner

    My husband has been wanting one. Does anyone know which is best?I like the deeper pans anyway?Does anyone have any suggestions?


    It is available online only.

  • Darrell Zeller

    where can I purchase? There is a Pan-Asian market in Overland Park, Kansas at 119th and Metcalf Ave.

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