Craft Wok Care & Maintenance

When using or seasoning a flat bottomed wok on an induction stove, it's important to gradually heat it on medium heat and avoid using high heat settings during the heating-up process to prevent the wok's bottom from warping.
Caring for your Craft Wok is essential to maintain its performance and longevity. Follow our comprehensive guide on carbon steel wok care and maintenance to keep your Craft Wok in top condition for years of delicious, healthy stir-fry cooking.

Cooking with your Craft Wok:
1. Heat a small amount of oil in the wok at a high temperature, almost to the smoking point.
2. Add your ingredients, but avoid overcrowding the wok to ensure even cooking.
3. Keep in mind that soups or acidic ingredients may damage the seasoning layer.
4. Remember to stir and toss the food constantly for optimal stir-frying.
5. If food starts sticking to the wok, consider adding more oil next time. Ensure you heating oil and wok almost to a smoking point before adding ingredients.
6. Practice your wok cooking skills with easy vegetable stir-fries before impressing guests.

Cleaning your Craft Wok:
1. Clean your wok thoroughly after each use to prevent rust.
2. Use a soft brush to scrub off any dirt or food residue.
3. Rinse the wok with warm water. Mild soap or detergent can be used, but re-seasoning may be required afterward.
4. Dry the wok thoroughly with a clean cloth or paper towel.
5. Place the wok on low heat to remove any remaining moisture.
6. Wipe the wok with a thin layer of oil to protect it from rust.

What NOT to do with your Craft Wok:
1. Never soak a carbon steel wok for more than five minutes.
2. Avoid using concentrated soap or detergent.
3. Do not put your wok in the dishwasher.
4. Never leave food inside the wok.
5. Always store your wok in a dry place.

Dealing with rust:
1. If rust develops, try removing it with the salt scrub method.
2. Pour coarse salt and vegetable oil on the rust.
3. Scrub with a paper towel using small circular motions until the rust is removed.
4. Immediately re-season the wok.

Addressing flaking seasoning:
1. If the wok's seasoning layer flakes, it was likely too thick.
2. Continue cooking with the wok, and the seasoning will eventually heal itself.
3. Re-season the wok if flaking becomes a persistent problem.

With proper care and maintenance, your carbon steel Craft Wok will last for years, providing you with countless delicious and healthy meals. Follow these guidelines to keep your wok in optimal condition and enjoy the benefits of wok cooking to the fullest.