How to season carbon steel wok

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When using or seasoning a flat bottomed wok on an induction stove, it's important to gradually heat it on medium heat and avoid using high heat settings during the heating-up process to prevent the wok's bottom from warping.
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This traditional carbon steel wok has to be seasoned before the first use.
Keep the wok oiled after seasoning and later, to prevent rusting!

Here's How:
1. Wash the wok in hot water with a small amount of liquid detergent and a scrubber (such as a stainless steel sponge or pad). Ensure that no protective oil is left on the wok. The best is to use hot water (and scrub spots with any oil left).

2. Rinse the wok and quickly dry it thoroughly with paper towels. Be quick to prevent rusting at this point.

3. Open the windows and turn on ventilation. Place the wok on high heat. Wait some minutes until the steel changes its color.

4. Move the wok, turning it and tilting it up to the rim and back, until the steel turns a bluish-yellowish color. The whole wok must change color.

5. Remove the wok from the stove. Turn the heat down to medium-low.

6. Add a thin film of oil (about 1 1/2 teaspoons) over the entire inside surface of the wok. There are several ways to do this. One is to use a paper towel to rub the oil over the surface. You may want to use tongs to hold the paper towels. Another way is to use a barbecue basting brush for or any other heat-proof brush to brush on the oil. Wipe the oil during turning and tilting the wok. Apply oil evenly on the whole inner surface.

7. Heat the wok wiping it with the oil  on medium-low heat for about 3-5 minutes or until there is no liquid oil left..

8. Wipe off the oil which is in liquid state with another paper towel if needed.

9. You may want to repeat steps 6 through 8 about 3 times, but this is not necessary. The wok is now ready to use.

Tips and possible problems:

1. It is important to thoroughly clean the wok to remove the manufacturer's protective coating (step 1).

2. Keep the wok oiled at all times right after washing.  Otherwise it may rust very quickly!  Before oiling, wipe it with a paper towel or heat quickly with oil inside. Apply thin oil covering with paper towels as well.  If your wok rusted, just season it again. Remove rust first.

3. If the wooden handle is loose or slack, this happens because of low humidity, compared to the place of manufacture. Here are some easy ways to fix it:
  a)  put a damp towel onto the wooden (only) part of the handle and leave it overnight. In the morning you should find the handle properly fixed.
  b)  unscrew it; put small folded pieces of paper into the holes to tighten the connection. Then screw it in again.
  c)  if previous options didn’t help, then unscrew it, twist the handle as hard as you can into the metal sleeve. Give the end of the handle a couple of firm hits with a hammer to seat the handle firmly into the sleeve.  Reinsert the screws.  They are wood screws and there is no need to drill holes. Just use a screwdriver and they will thread into the wood.

4. Many videos about seasoning a carbon steel wok can be found on Youtube.

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Here are some videos how to season carbon steel wok.

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