New Flat Bottom Carbon Steel Wok

Model No 731W316

Now available in the US

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    Dear Ronessa,
    It won’t work properly. Round bottom woks are for gas and open fire (or concave induction), and flat bottom woks are for all flat electric stoves.

  • Ronnessa Witthaus

    Hi, I just received my birthday wok. I have an electric stove and the wok has a round bottom. Will it not work on an electric stove?


    Dear Marge, thank you for your comment.
    It is easier to stir fry, to toss the food in a round bottom wok. Also, the heat is more centred in a round bottom wok. And round bottom wok makes you feel you are cooking in the real wok :) We do not see any other significant differences.

  • Marge Zainer

    What is the difference in cooking with the flat versus round bottom carbon steel wok? I’m a total newbie but very excited about using a wok instead of a generic frying pan. I’m kind of old-ish and am desiring to re-connect to the cooking spirit I used to have. I am in a small apartment with electric burners on the small stove top. I had always gone to the Illustrious Chicken-Vegetable with Red Wine and Custom Spice for the best I had done. It was the joy of the week for my one son. He will freak out (good kind!) if I should have a Renaissance in Real Food cooking. Thanks!

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