New Flat Bottom Carbon Steel Wok

Model No 731W316

Now available in the US

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    Giacomo, thank you for your comment.
    You are correct, if the wok is simply standing on the hob, it will be heated only in the middle.
    However, if you will start turning and tilting it, the issue will be solved.
    Watch this example:

  • Giacomo

    This wok is sold as suitable for induction stove thanks to its flat bottom but it is impossible to season it on the induction stove. The heat warms the entire wok but does not change color except in the central part.


    Dear Ronessa,
    It won’t work properly. Round bottom woks are for gas and open fire (or concave induction), and flat bottom woks are for all flat electric stoves.

  • Ronnessa Witthaus

    Hi, I just received my birthday wok. I have an electric stove and the wok has a round bottom. Will it not work on an electric stove?


    Dear Marge, thank you for your comment.
    It is easier to stir fry, to toss the food in a round bottom wok. Also, the heat is more centred in a round bottom wok. And round bottom wok makes you feel you are cooking in the real wok :) We do not see any other significant differences.

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